About Me

About Me

My name is Mark. I hold a Bachelor’s in Accounting from San Jose State University and a Master’s in Management from Golden Gate University. I worked in the accounting industry for over 25 years, part of that time as an accounting manager for a 150 million dollar software company in the Tri-Valley area of Livermore, CA. I involuntarily retired in my late 40s due to a rare neurological disorder called Episodic Ataxia. My investing career started in my mid 20s and in my mid- thirties, I started dabbling in purchasing individual securities, which now comprises most of my stock portfolio. I even experimented with options. I have spent many years reading and studying finance.

My wife is from Nicaragua, and her family were victims of the Sandinista war.  Some of her family came as political refugees but are now US citizens.  She came from the upper-middle class of Nicaraguan society.  The war that brought down the Sandinista regime also affected the status of her family.  This instilled the importance of investing in oneself so in the event of losing everything, you have the ability to regain your status by sheer ambition, will, perseverance and education.

I am retired and my wife still has about a year left to work.  We have two children and three grandchildren.

We have gone through  ebbs and flows in our investing career. We witnessed the Bull Market of the Reagan years, we were victims of Black Monday, and we experienced the crash of 87, (although, at the time, our portfolio was rather small.) We escaped the dot-com bubble by recognizing that we were in a bubble and by sheer luck, going to cash three months before the crash. We have seen the ravages of inflation, and the wonders of compound interest.  We were victims of the 2008 housing bubble and subsequent stock market crash, which was the most, excruciating, stomach churning and painful experience of our investing career.

Now we come to the next stage of our life.  We are now faced with a new question that most retirees will one day face. Will our portfolio carry us to the end of our days? We are also faced with the task of preserving principle while confronted with the dreaded sequence of returns risk.

My postings will for the most part focus on finance with retirement in mind and also since I went through the process, Social Security Disability. I hope you find my blog informative and I hope you become a valued reader. Please feel free to leave comments or questions